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The Program

Therasage EMC offers a unique learning opportunity through their Equine Massage Certification Program. Therasage's program is the perfect partnership for anyone with a love for horses and their sport, and for those wishing to learn more about complementary and alternative care for horses. Therasage provides a highly educational opportunity for class participants to broaden their knowledge of equine anatomy, develop business skills that lead to a promising career path, and earn certification to be able to gain employment in horse massage immediately upon graduation and for the long-term. 


Therasage EMC has been recognized and supported by leading educational institutions: Harper College's Equine program in Palatine IL., Kirkwood College in IA, and for the past seven years, the Equine Science Program at Ohio University Southern in Ironton, OH. In addition, the Therasage EMC Program is hosted and supported by professional trainer, John Lyons – one of the top recognized, leading trainers in the country, among others.


Therasage EMC has numerous host barns all over the country and has been approved since 2001as a post-secondary school for certifications in the state of WI, adhering to guidelines approved yearly by the Wisconsin Education Approval Board. Therasage EMC currently teaches in CA, AZ, MA, MN, MO, NC, OH, KY,TX, WI. 


 Students will be provided a roadmap to learning how to market their new certification for gainful employment, and / or a personal business.  They will be provided a thorough education and understanding of equine anatomy, physiology, cause and effect, treatment of circulatory and muscular issues. 


This four-day program features one-on-one instruction that puts students in touch with numerous horses to ensure a broad equine experience. Cost is $1200 per student. (Upon certification, students can earn between $60-90 per hour per client.) In addition to a highly-trained professional instructor, the course includes Therasage EMC Manual, charts and diagrams, handouts and worksheets.


Students will earn certification having learned:


  • Total-body equine massage

  • Trigger points

  • Pre- and post-event massage

  • Tendon and ligament massage

  • Discipline-specific massage

  • Plus enhanced science, business skills, marketing, and career development, potential employment



Therasage EMC, believes this certification program will not only benefit students and help them achieve academic and career success but can help further strengthen your care of horses. 

The Curriculum

The Thersage EMC Program consists of at home study, and four days of intensive hands-on training.

The average hands-on class length is ten hours in duration with evening study. Classes consists of both class room and hands on experience. Therasage EMC's class structure provides Therasage EMC students with maximum convenience and greatly reduces the cost of training. Many other programs require their courses to be spread out over a two week period.

You will acquire the necessary learning tools and training techniques for equine massage. The curriculum is based upon an educational, progressive and direct approach to learning.  You will receive the Therasage EMC Manual, charts, diagrams, and numerous supplemental handouts and worksheets. These materials contain in-depth instruction on the locations and functions of the major muscles. Focusing discussions and lectures on movement, range of motion, 
conformation, assessment and evaluation.

In addition to being an ESMT, I am also a practicing Certified Human Massage Therapist with more than 30 years of experience. I place great emphasis on the importance of developing the "Superior Sense of Touch." Unlike humans, the equine client cannot always tell you where it hurts. Here at Therasage EMC, I teach you and help you refine your therapeutic touch.


ESMT Certification Cost
4 Day certification clinic - $1200.00 USD  

There is a $300.00 registration fee due at the time of enrollment that is non-refundable if the student cancels or is a no show. If student can not make the class the deposit can be used towards another Therasage EMC clinic. Balance is due the first day of class prior to class start.

There is a minimum age requirement of 18.  Persons aged 17 can attend with a parent or legal guardians signature.


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