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Select an option
Are you a Licensed Massage Therapist?
Do you currently have a horse?
Are you currently riding or competing?


This course is physically and mentally strenuous (standing and sitting for long hours, holding heavy horse limbs, reading, studying, testing, etc.)

Do you have any physical limitations or special learning needs?  If so, describe fully.

Do you have any medical conditions we need to be aware of
Have you ever had body work?

**NOTE:  Due to strict safety and liability reasons of Therasage EMC and host facilities, if you are pregnant at the time of the selected class you will be required to attend a class at a later date.  

This is due to safety and liability reasons that Therasage EMC or the host facility will not be responsible for. 

Please check here that you have read this information and understand the requirement.


Total cost of tuition is $1,200.00. A $300.00 registration fee is due at the time of enrollment that is non-refundable if student cancels or is a no show. Balance of $900.00 is due the first day of class. Cost includes manual, handouts, and hands-on instruction.  Due to the educational aspect and proprietary information associated with Therasage EMC class materials and instruction, there is NO REFUND for anyone who has attended any class or portion of a class. 

I understand the policy


I certify that I am in good health and am fully capable of participating in the Therasage Equine Massage Certification Program, and that the information I have provided in this application is true and factual. If there is any question regarding horse handling experience, Therasage EMC has the right to ask the participant to leave and learn the required handling skills before returning to complete the certification.  I acknowledge that horses and ponies are large, unpredictable, strong animals that can cause damage, injury or even death, and that in working on or around horses and ponies, I am accepting this risk, and agree to hold harmless Greg Gage, Therasage EMC. any instructor, and any barn, farm, ranch or horse/pony owner, or anyone else associated with this program.

Registration processing will take a minute before going to payment screen.

LOGO RECENT 2024.png

Thanks for registering. See you there!

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