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The Therasage EMC program is based on an educational, progressive, and direct hands-on approach to learning. You will receive the Therasage EMC  manual, charts, diagrams, and supplemental worksheet/hand-outs.  In addition, in-depth instruction on location, function, muscles will be discussed in class.

This four-day program features one-on-one instruction that puts students in touch with numerous horses to ensure a broad equine experience.

TUITION & PAYMENT – Total cost of tuition is $1,200. A $300.00 registration fee is due at the time of enrollment that is non-refundable if student cancels or fails to show up. The remaining balance of $900 is due the first day of class. Cost includes books, handouts, hands-on instruction.  

Our program provides a roadmap to market your new certification for employment or personal 
small business. The Therasage EMC program 
is the perfect partnership for anyone with 
the love of horses, their sport, and those 
wanting to use skills to provide 
comprehensive holistic care for horses.



In addition to discussions and lectures on movement evaluations and assessments, range of motion assessments, conformation and how it applies to muscular stress and structural damage, students will acquire knowledge of equine anatomy, business marketing and ways to establish a career post certification.


Introduction to Massage
Professional Ethics
Equine Anatomy

Business Marketing
Massage Techniques
Stretching/Tendon - Ligament Techniques

Introduction to Advance Equine Modalities


  • Total-body equine massage

  • Tendon and ligament massage

  • Discipline-specific massage

  • Plus enhanced science, business skills, marketing, and career development, potential employment.

  • Trigger points

  • Pre- and post-event massage


Ready to get started? First, all students enrolled in Therasage Equine Massage Certification must have prior hands-on equine experience and have complete confidence when handling the horse on their own.

Therasage EMC has numerous host barns all over the country and has offered many classes in AZ, KY, MN, NC, OH, TN, TX, WI. 


Check out our upcoming classes and complete our online enrollment form here.

THERASAGE EMC On-Line Massage Viewpoint

At Therasage EMC, we frequently receive inquiries regarding the availability of online massage classes. Our stance on this matter is rooted in the belief that the comprehensive understanding of pressures, massage techniques, and the ability to discern restrictions in tissue necessitates in-person instruction with hands-on guidance. The nature of massage education demands direct interaction to impart knowledge and skills effectively.

It is essential to note that professionals in the field, particularly veterinarians and trainers, seek more than just online credentials when evaluating the training background of individuals. Therasage EMC acknowledges the significance of building trust in the industry, and our approach ensures that graduates are equipped with massage skills and a holistic understanding of launching and growing their practice to a sustainable level.

Our commitment extends beyond teaching massage techniques; we guide our graduates in achieving career independence in the animal care sector. Therasage EMC has successfully assisted numerous individuals in attaining their goals of establishing and flourishing in their animal massage careers.

NOTE: Due to the educational aspect and proprietary information associated with Therasage EMC class materials and instruction, there is NO REFUND for anyone who has attended any class or portion of a class. 

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