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An approved educator of 40 Continuing Education credits.

Welcome to the Therasage K9 Program!  You will learn trigger point massage, stretches, anatomy, and andvanced modalities to create a career in K9 massage or to expand your current services.


Canine massage is a branch of massage therapy that promotes dog health. Specifically, canine massage therapy is a form of alternative therapy, the benefits of which include relaxation, increased oxygenation, relief from pain, improved joint flexibility, and miscellaneous benefits to the immune system. It uses touch to maintain or improve both physical and emotional well-being. On average, people spend more than 5 billion annually on their pets, and current trends point to pet owners seeking alternative, non-invasive care to complement their veterinary services. In addition, canine competitions have reached a new level: from agility, fly ball, police dogs, dock diving, barn hunt. All dogs are athletes and need massage to prevent injury. Furthermore, veterinarians are looking for complementary therapies to assist in surgery recovery and musculoskeletal conditions as an additional service for their clients. Boarding kennels, dog day care, groomers, and dog sitter/walkers can also add massage to their services by becoming certified in K9 Massage.

The Therasage K9 program totals 40 hours over four days. The program focuses on a full body massage and specific conditions, including hip
dysplasia, cranial cruciate ligament surgery, canine arthritis, and more. I teach a full body massage designed for the canine, along with handling techniques to help ensure a safe environment.

Taught by Founder, Greg Gage, a Licensed Human Massage Therapist for more than 31 years who has certified students in Equine Massage and offered K9 massage for more than 23 years.

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Therasage K9 Massage certification equips you with all the essential tools to launch your own small business.  The Therasage K9 Massage Certification Program is a four-day comprehensive training. During the program, you’ll learn massage techniques, PEMF (MagnaWave), along with advanced complementary modalities.

Therasage K9 is an approved provider for 40 hours of continuing education: RACE (Vets/Vet Techs), NCBTMB, and for the past 23 years follows the state guidelines as a private post-secondary school in the State of Wisconsin.

The certification cost is $2,450 and includes: class manual, hands-on demonstration, supplies for additional modalities. To complete the certification, there is a written and practical test.

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Therasage K9 Certification brings numerous advantages to your practice and clientele.
Your training empowers you to integrate this service into your client's care seamlessly.
Introducing new modalities can create supplementary revenue streams through treatments that complement your existing services.


  • Complement your existing care by
    offering new, value-added services

  • Training your team allows you to offer this service regularly as part of your clients’ care plans

  • New services can generate additional revenue that could complement your veterinarian's diagnoses

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Enhance your pet care practice and distinguish yourself by incorporating massage with diverse modalities into your business. This program will elevate your practice and set you apart in the world of
pet care. By attaining professional
certification, you and your team will master:

  • How to locate key trigger points and

       muscle restrictions

  • How to help pain associated with
    chronic and acute injuries

  • Icing and heating application for
    soft tissue injuries

  • Massage for tendons and ligaments

  • Latest advances in complementary modalities

  • Safe stretching for the best flexibility

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